How it Started vs How it Ended: From Conception to Completion

How it started vs how it ended.

Using my phone stylus, I quickly sketch out ideas as they come to me, whether I’m on a plane, walking a dog, in line at the grocery store, or the moments before drifting off to sleep.

It’s hard to shut my brain off, so ideas are constantly flowing in.

I will email these notes to myself so that I can get to them later. Currently, I have over 300 unread emails from myself – ideas that I thought were worth capturing, just sitting there. I have no time to actually look at them and have no idea of any of their potential.

This is one of those ideas that I was able to revisit and follow through with.

The concept was for a sticker or t-shirt design for a local beverage brand I’m working with. I’m not sure if we’ll ever do anything with this design, but it was a fun exercise, and at the very least, I get a LinkedIn post out of it.

What do you think, would you wear this design?

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