How Patek Philippe Could Use Storytelling Marketing

Patek Philippe Ad

If I had to create a new campaign for Patek Philippe, this is what I would do.

I would create a theme of commercials that highlight my target buyer in settings that may be familiar. I would highlight how a watch from Patek is the ultimate statement and conversation piece that not only enhances ones’ appearance, but that can also boost confidence, and lead to a better life.

So here’s one idea, if you can visualize along as I describe the scene.

Imagine a commercial featuring a husband and wife. They are standing in their upscale New York apartment, surrounded by high-end finishes, furniture, and elegant clothes. He’s heading out of town on a business trip and she’s seeing him off before he leaves.

He’s handsome, mid to late 30s, wearing an expensive suit, and she is youthful, elegant, and beautiful.

She hands him a gift, a rose gold Patek Philippe Nautilus. His expression is of deep love, appreciation, and gratitude. He slips it on, kisses her one final time, and heads out the door, expensive luggage in tow.

A luxury car is waiting for him, the driver, dressed in a black suit opens the door. While enroute, the man looks at his new watch, it glistens. We see a closeup of the watch, cut to a closeup of his face. He is filled with joy and confidence.

He arrives at the airport, is at an airport bar. Someone notices watch, strikes up a conversation.

He boards the plane and takes his seat in first-class .

He’s in a business meeting with a client. Two Japanese businessmen notice his watch, look at each other, and nod.

They close deal, they bow, and have a celebratory drink.

Then the tagline appears – Be who you were meant to be. Patek Philippe.

I would try to convey all that in a 30 second commercial. I would continue with this character or theme, showing how the watch can elevate or enhance you in different environments – travel, social events, yachting, at the casino, the race track, on the golf course, driving, at home…

Where ever you are, you are wearing the perfect Patek Philippe watch for the occasion. You feel naked without it.

In these ads, I’m highlighting the values of status and personal growth, creating that desire among my target consumers. Aspirational for some, affordable for others.

The above ad would be an example of a print ad, or it could be modified for an out-of-home ad, a digital ad.

I would feature these ads everywhere my target consumer would be until I developed a market saturation. Whenever you think success, you think Patek Philippe.

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