A Toxic Company Culture is a Cancer that Needs to Be Removed

What if I told you that one of the best ways to grow your business, is not actually through sales and marketing.

It’s through culture.

Toxic work cultures are poisonous to businesses.

Ego, intimidation, and disrespect, especially from the CEO or leadership team, have no place in business. Everyone should be treated with kindness, dignity, and respect.

No Asshole Policy

If you watch Buying Beverly hills on Netflix, the Umansky Group as a “no asshole” policy. I think this is great. This is not just for leaders, top down, but for colleagues as well. In real estate, the three golden rules are: location, location, location. In business, the three golden rules should be: culture, culture, culture.

It’s important to have a team, environment, and culture where people feel safe and have the confidence to pitch new ideas and challenge the founder’s, and other leaders, ideas without fear of repercussion.

Ideas (regardless of who they come from) need to be:

👉 brought to light

👉 discussed

👉 debated

👉 refined

👉 tested

👉 prioritized

A ship that is off by just one degree becomes way off course

A ship that is off by just one degree becomes way off course overtime

Having a culture or system in place that encourages people to bring new ideas to work will ultimately be of great benefit to the organization. There’s a cumulative effect, or compounding effect, of good decisions and good ideas consistently being brought to the table. Over time, this can have a significant impact on the trajectory of the company.

A good analogy to use is a ship sailing across an ocean that is off by just one degree, it will eventually be off course before reaching it’s intended destination.

Now imagine you have a series of ideas or decisions that are consistently 1% better than an alternative idea or decisions. What would that look like over 5 years, 10 years, 20+ years?

You should strive to create a company culture where people are not dreading coming in on Mondays. They like their job, their co-workers, the leaders, they feel valued and challenged, the product or service is great, they’re paid appropriately, there’s transparency in the strategy so everyone knows what they’re working toward and can focus… In an environment like this, imagine the type of effort people will be putting in. 

No more “quiet quitting”, instead they will be dedicated and loyalty, putting in their best effort into their tasks, while speaking with customers, while pitching new ideas, etc.

People know that great company culture is hard to find, so when they do find it, they will want to work hard to keep it because they know they may never find it again.

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