Could Print Mailers Work for B2B Brands?

Could Print Mailers Work for B2B Brands?​

I received this fun brochure in the mail from Prenuvo Vancouver – Cancer & Disease Screening company.

They included these $200 off referral cards, intended to hand out to family and friends.

I thought that was a brilliant idea.

I wonder if something like this would work in B2B.

I’ve thought about doing print mailers for years, but never executed on it due to a prevalent work-from-home culture, but perhaps it’s time to revisit this idea.

The mailer could go out to existing clients to say ‘Thank you’, and to try to upsell or cross sell different services, along with a discount. It doesn’t just have to be for referrals.

Or it could go to prospects and talk about how much you’d like to work with them.

Lots of fun things you could do with this.

It could work since so few people are doing it and hardly anyone opens emails from random companies anymore.

The Effectiveness of Print Mailers in B2B Marketing

  1. Personalization: Sending personalized print mailers can help grab the attention of key decision-makers in businesses. Including their name, company logo, or other personalized elements can make the mailer more engaging.

  2. Highlighting Benefits: Print mailers can be used to highlight the benefits of your product or service in a tangible way. You can include case studies, testimonials, or statistics that demonstrate the value your offering provides to other businesses.

  3. Direct Response: Including a clear call-to-action (CTA) in your print mailer can encourage recipients to take action, such as visiting your website, contacting your sales team, or requesting a demo.

  4. Brand Building: Print mailers can also be used to build brand awareness and reinforce your brand messaging. Consistent branding across all marketing channels, including print, can help establish your brand in the minds of potential customers.

  5. Integration with Digital: You can integrate print mailers with your digital marketing efforts by including QR codes or personalized URLs (PURLs) that lead recipients to a specific landing page or digital content. This can help track the effectiveness of your print campaign and further engage recipients online.

While print mailers can be effective, it’s important to consider your target audience, message, and overall marketing strategy to determine if they are the right fit for your B2B brand.

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